gu santé de fer is Iron Health through Digital and Artificial Intelligence

gu santé de fer provides medical prevention and mobile logging of patient medical data.
gu santé de fer is an initiative supported by the EFORT group

Easy to use

gu santé de fer is a very intuitive application and easily usable by all.

Secure Data

Your personal information is completely secure on gu santé de fer.

Free Setup

gu santé de fer is available for free download on Google Play Store

With gu santé de fer simplify your life

With the mission of simplifying the lives of many patients through services reminders and training, gu santé de fer puts innovation (one of its values) at the heart of the accomplishment of its mission.

gu santé de fer also integrates local African languages ​​for more accessibility.

gu santé de fer

Smart Medical History

our technology allows us to automatically generate in real time the health status reports for each patient, thus replacing the manual writing by doctors who are often overloaded by their daily workload. The super intelligence of a system sufficiently trained also allows Gu Partner/Santé de Fer to give indications on appropriate treatments and nutrition for patient in real time. This innovative implementation of access has the patient's medical history is automated such that it is existing manual practice in public health in Ivory Coast and in Africa.

gu santé de fer

Adult Vaccination

Our application presents all the vaccines to be carried out at the Institute National Public Hygiene in Ivory Coast and in other health structures vaccination for adults, for several reasons, including illnesses, travel, among others. It informs about their availability and their costs. We do not find this functionality elsewhere.

Make sure you have iron health

The gu santé de fer app

gu santé de fer,an initiative supported by the EFORT group ,is a mobile application serving as a catalyst in the use of health services including vaccination and medical consultations . The historization of medical data, it ensures the recall deadlines, educates mothers, future mothers and all patients in vaccination, health and nutrition.

More Features

Attractive Features

gu santé de fer offers you a large number of unique and very innovative services ensuring better health.

Never miss your medical appointments

gu santé de fer sends you reminder alerts: appointment of routines (vaccination and/or consultations); appointment scheduled by your attending physicians; national campaigns immunization and national medical care/tests

Health and nutrition suggestions appropriate

For adults, children and nannies.

gu santé de fer takes care of your health

gu santé de fer lavishes you with health advice and gives you reports according to your medical history

gu santé de fer innovates for you

gu santé de fer ensures medical prevention and mobile logging of patient medical data

gu santé de fer cares about social welfare

And the development of the mother, and offers several training in several areas with various themes such as cooking, baking, money management and commerce, literacy, foreign languages...


User Reviews

You are a couple or single, pregnant, with or without children, join the gu space to take advantage of our services

Menu Screenshots

Attractive Interfaces

The application has intuitive and user-friendly interfaces, easily understandable and usable by any kind of user.

Who is gu ?

About gu

Gu Partner/Santé de Fer, a revolutionary platform of medical technology which transforms healthcare health in Ivory Coast and Africa. With Gu Partner/Santé de Fer, we provide you innovative solutions tailored to the diverse health needs in Ivory Coast and beyond. Unlike existing healthcare apps, Gu Partner/Santé de Fe offers a comprehensive, user-centric platform designed to improve the accessibility and efficiency of healthcare. Our intuitive design and focus on user experience sets a new standard in medical technology...

make profit with gu

Become Agent

you are a healthcare or early childhood promotion staff or even a mobile payment staff. As part of its activities and the distribution of the gu tool, agents are recruited. They promote the tool and the brand. you are passionate about the development of people and communities, gu offers you good remuneration for the distribution of its tool.

gu & Social


Our social promotion action for the education of mothers focuses on a passive approach to explanation and access to information. However, she becomes active at the approach of deadlines through Reminders and Digital Alerts. To this end training and information sessions are organized for raise public awareness. These sessions are also...

Frequently asked Questions

gu serves as a catalyst in the use of health services, in particular vaccination and consultations nursery and primary by mothers and children.

It ensures the reminder of deadlines, educates mothers and future mothers in health and nutrition for themselves and for children. gu places particular emphasis on the social component by including literacy and announcements of jobs and training available.

gu places particular emphasis on the use of voice and video in the dissemination of content whether in French or English, or especially in local African languages.

gu is downloadable from Google Play Store or directly from our website
gu is a paid application with very affordable rates for everyone.
All people from all social strata are affected by this project related to health, empowerment of women and the development of the child.

The application is available for free on Google play Store